Gorgeous Southern Part of New Zealand

Even if New Zealand is not famous for its cities, the fact remains that some of them are worth visiting. The main cities of the country, Auckland and Wellington, are among the most present in the rankings, which judge the quality of life.


Let’s start our review of New Zealand cities with the must-see number 1, Auckland. Auckland is by far the largest city in the country, with almost 1.5 million inhabitants. It is located in the north of the North Island. It was, for a few years, the capital of New Zealand before leaving this title to Wellington, offering a more central position.

Auckland is nicknamed the city of sails because of its large number of boats. Auckland is the city with the highest number of boats per capita in the world! The city is located on no less than 50 volcanoes, some of which are still active.

Auckland is the main entry point to the country, and the city has the largest airport indeed. Auckland is the economic heart of the country with the establishment of a large number of international companies.

It is in this city that the famous Mount Eden is located, but also Eden Park, the emblematic stadium of the All Blacks or the Sky Tower, the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere.


Despite its 200,000 inhabitants, far from being the largest city in the country, Wellington is indeed its capital. It is its central position, at the southern end of the North Island, that was put forward in the choice of the New Zealand capital.

The city is nicknamed “wind welly” because of the almost omnipresent wind in the city. The city is bordered by the Cook Strait and is the departure point for ferries to the South Island. Wellington is home to New Zealand’s largest museum, the Te Papa Museum, a veritable gold mine of information on the country’s history as well as its flora and fauna.


The city is currently undergoing reconstruction, marked by two terrible earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011, which destroyed a large part of the city and caused many victims. Even today, many buildings bear witness to the violence of earthquakes. The city is being rebuilt little by little and shows a most attractive face within particular the presence of many parks.


Nelson is one of the northernmost towns on the South Island of New Zealand, but it is also one of the sunniest towns in the country. It is one of the nicest cities in New Zealand; its huge beach makes it special.


Dunedin is one of the main cities in the South of the South Island. It is a student city, very lively where life is good. It has many places of interest such as its train station, its Place de l’Octagon, or its famous street “Baldwin Street”, the steepest street in the world. Not far from the city is the Otago Peninsula, a haven of peace where we found refuge for many species of animals such as sea lions or a colony of Albatross.

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